There are a bunch of high flyers in these new character images from Disney's Planes. Plus full voice cast!

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One major reason why Pixar went ahead with CARS 2 even though the first film is generally considered the weakest Pixar movie: merchandise. A lot of children's toys, clothing, etc. were sold with the CARS characters and logos on them. While we may love Wall-E or the cast from THE INCREDIBLES their merchandise just doesn't sell like the stuff from the CARS movies. Pixar isn't producing PLANES but I can almost guarantee you that the buckets of dollars CARS merchandise made played a huge part in why Disney is doing a spin-off.

USA Today has new images of the characters as well as the full voice cast for the different planes and vehicles that appear in the movie. Previously it was announced Dane Cook would be playing a crop duster named Dusty and joining him will be Anthony Edwards and Val Kilmer as fighter jets Bravo and Echo, Stacy Keach as Skipper, Cedric the Entertainer as Leadbottom, Teri Hatcher as Dottie, Brad Garrett as Chug, Roger Craig Smith as Ripsling, Gabriel Iglesias, Carlos Alazraqui as El Chupacabra, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Rochelle, John Cleese as Bulldog, Priyanka Chopra as Ishani, Sinbad as Roper, and ESPN's Colin Cowherd will be playing the blimp Colin Cowling.

While the cynic in me sees PLANES as a money grubbing ploy I can't help but be at least a little interested in the film because of its cast. I could do without Dane Cook but Anthony Edwards and Val Kilmer as TOP GUN like jets is pretty funny casting and I'm a huge Colin Cowherd fan so I'm willing to give PLANES a chance. Take a look at the images below and let me know what you think

PLANES lands in theaters on August 9th, 2013.

Planes Dusty

Planes Bravo and Echo

Planes Skipper

Planes Leadbottom

Planes Dottie

Planes Chug

Planes Ripslinger

Planes Ned and Zed

Planes El Chupacabra

Planes Rochelle

Planes Bulldog

Planes Ishani

Planes Roper

Planes Colin Cowling

Extra Tidbit: Would you feel better about PLANES if Pixar was handling the film?
Source: USA Today



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