There's going to be a Lego Clone Wars TV Movie?

Star Wars is an exercise in merchandising gone mad to begin with, but this latest bit of news takes things to an entirely new level of crazy.

Apparently it was revealed at the Licensing International Expo a little while back that there's going to be a Lego Clone Wars TV movie, presumably airing on Cartoon Network. So if we do the math here, that makes this a movie, based on a video game, based on a toy, based on a TV show, that was a spin-off of a film series. Do I have that about right? It's like INCEPTION for branding, and it almost makes your head spin.

This also comes with the news that George Lucas is planning a second animated show set in the Star Wars universe.

"Today, George Lucas is hard at work on a second animated series that will complement 'The Clone Wars', taking 'Star Wars' in a completely new and fun direction."

Yes, because this is what devoted Star Wars fans want him to be spending his time on. It will never make sense to me why this man insists on doing everything in his power to aim this franchise exclusively at children.

Extra Tidbit: I thought the Clone Wars feature film was actually better written and acted than the new trilogy. Probably because Lucas was hands-off.
Source: ComingSoon



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