Theroux is a Chief

A while back, Justin Theroux was just a regular working actor with supporting roles in movies like MIAMI VICE and CHARLIE'S ANGELS 2. But he struck up a friendship with Ben Stiller on DUPLEX and ZOOLANDER and that led to his work co-writing TROPIC THUNDER. That went so well, Robert Downey, Jr. brought him to the attention of Jon Favreau and Marvel Studios to write IRON MAN 2. That seems to be going well and now Theroux is ready to make his studio directorial debut.

Theroux will direct CHIEF RON for Universal Pictures. Sadly this film is neither a remake or reboot of the Kurt Russell comedy CAPTAIN RON, but instead the story of a conman who fakes Native American heritage in order to build a casino. The story is loosely based on the real life tale of Ron Roberts, a man who claimed to have Indian heritage though he had blond hair and blue eyes (you can read more about his saga here). PINEAPPLE EXPRESS director David Gordon Green is executive producing for Universal.

Extra Tidbit: Theroux previously directed the indie film DEDICATION.
Source: Variety



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