These eight Gangster Squad banners make it clear: No names. No Badges. No Mercy.

After you've just walked out of your DJANGO UNCHAINED screening on Christmas Day, you may find yourself wondering where to get your next well-shot action fix now that you've finally caught Tarantino's latest immersion in homage.  Well I have good news that may help in just such a time - GANGSTER SQUAD is still coming.  The Los Angeles period-piece gangster epic hits on January 11th, 2013, and eight new banners have been released to remind you of that fact.  They are, admittedly, only slight variations/expansions on previously released character posters.  But they sport both a new tagline and the new release date, and all in all I'm just happy to see them.

The question is: do they do it for you? And are you still looking forward to the film after all this time?

The yet-unanswered question is if we'll ever be able to see the full finale sequence that was excised after Aurora, be it online on via DVD/Blu-ray release or what have you.  I know that I for one am still most definitely interested in checking it out, but what about you - now that a new ending has been shot, is that all that matters? Or do you yet have an interest in seeing the story the way the filmmakers originally intended it to be told?

Gangster Squad new banner 1

Gangster Squad new banner 2

Gangster Squad new banner 3

Gangster Squad new banner 4

Gangster Squad new banner 5

Gangster Squad new banner 6

Gangster Squad new banner 7

Gangster Squad new banner 8

Extra Tidbit: I want to see a Syfy Channel movie called GANGSTER SQUID.
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