Third trailer for Game of Thrones season 2 teases more plot twists

With less than a month to go before the premiere of HBO's GAME OF THRONES season 2, a third trailer has been released, entitled "The More You Love," which highlights some of the plot twists that will change the fate of quite a few characters.  Whether you've read the books or not, there is enough here that teases the continuation of many storylines that were set up in the previous season.

Get your fix below:

Anticipation is spreading like wildfire for the premiere of season 2, which continues the exploits of warring houses in the fictional realm of Westeros, where men, women, and children all act as pawns in the struggle to wear the crown, while a much greater enemy prepares to destroy them all. 

Catch all the intrigue, bloodshed, nudity, profanity, beheadings, dragons, dwarfs, and general badassery when HBO's GAME OF THRONES season 2 premieres on April 1, 2012. 

Extra Tidbit: There is also a comic book adaptation of the series from IDW. Check it out if you're so inclined.
Source: HBO



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