This Japanese trailer is easily the best piece of marketing for Ant-Man

While mixed reactions are starting to pour in for Marvel's latest, there's no denying that the marketing for ANT-MAN has not been great. Thomas the Tank Engine aside, the trailers haven't really delivered any of the fun that the movie is aiming for. Leave it up to Japan to deliver the goods and then some! Not only do we get a fully developed trailer complete with some awesome Japanese voice-over work, but we also get some cool shots of Ant-Man and Yellow Jacket duking it out! Now THIS is a movie I want to see!

To be fair, it's really that voice-over that gets me pumped for the movie. And for Baskin Robbins, but that's my own thing. Marvel fans are gonna flock to this regardless, but I'm curious ot see if everyone else takes to Paul Rudd's hero as much as the likes of Captain America or Iron Man. Something tells me it's not gonna fly, but stranger things have happened. I mean, who would've that Burt Macklin would've been a great comic book hero?

ANT-MAN opens in theaters on July 17, 2015.

B-roll footage, anyone?



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