This new trailer for series seven of Doctor Who is definitely how we roll

There are few things that I love more in this life than DOCTOR WHO. When it came to my introduction and attachment, it really kicked off with David Tennant. One of my dearest friends from the UK would rant and rave about Tennant. Over a past Summer, she even started from the very first doctor and watched all the way through.

I got into the series in a rather strange way. When I attended Comic-Con back in 2009, I went into a room early in order to catch the Rifftrax panel. I had no clue what was going on before, but I didn't really care as long as I had a seat secured. Lo and behold, the DOCTOR WHO/TORCHWOOD panel was the one I would be taking in before Rifftrax. Tennant, along with John Barrowman showed up and I instantly fell in love. Following a viewing of the episode, "Planet of the Dead", I was hooked.

Enough about my Whovian experiences, and on to the latest trailer for series 7. There is some new stuff here for you to enjoy. This one isn't as cool as the first and more lengthy one released. Definitely needs more dinosaurs on spaceships. However, you do get more details on this season to come. I'm not caught up yet with the eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith), but will try to finish up by the series premiere on September 1st. Check out the trailer below.

Extra Tidbit: Who is your favorite companion?
Source: BBC America



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