Why is Thomas Jane getting the boot from Stallone's Headshot?

Last month, we brought you the exclusive news that Thomas Jane was set to join Sylvester Stallone in Walter Hill's HEADSHOT. Today, we bring you the unfortunate news that Thomas Jane may not be in HEADSHOT after all. And that's not the most shocking part of the story.

Last night, Ain't It Cool posted a rumor that Jane, cast by Stallone and Hill for the role of Sly's sidekick in the film, is on the outs now that the film is set up at Joel Silver's Dark Castle. The boys at Arrow in the Head were able to confirm that the film's new producers want Jane out and are looking to force the hands of Stallone and Hill to recast the role.

But why? AITH is reporting that Silver, who produced 48 HRS., THE LAST BOY SCOUT and LETHAL WEAPON, feels the movie would play better with Stallone working off a black co-star. It's a formula Silver has used time and again and is now trying to rework HEADSHOT into that mold. So not only would Jane be gone, but they'd be rewriting the character to be more "ethnic" and, as AITH puts it, follow the old "he's white, he's black, they don't like each other but dammit they're going to get the job done!" schtick. It's a formula that has worked on movies before (and movies that I've enjoyed) but tearing apart a movie to fit that formula? That's just stupid.

From what we're confirmed from our sources, Jane's departure is not a done deal yet. He had signed on to the role so getting rid of him isn't that easy. But Silver and his company want him out and are actively looking to replace him. What can you do? Let your voice be heard. If you think Stallone and Tom Jane in a Walter Hill movie sounds like something you're dying to see (which I quite frankly am), then say so in the comments below and maybe clearer heads will prevail.



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