Thompson & Hemsworth wander a desert in new Men In Black spinoff pic

Things appear to really be heating up for the much-anticipated UNTITLED MEN IN BLACK SPINOFF starring Tessa Thompson (CREED, THOR: RAGNAROK) and Chris Hemsworth (CABIN IN THE WOODS, BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE), as Thompson has recently shared a new photo from the set that finds Agents M and H wandering a desolate desert locale. Even though both agents are armed with umbrellas to shade themselves from the sun's harmful rays, I've no doubt that those matching suits aren't doing a whole lot to help them beat the heat.

Thompson posted the new photo to her personal Instagram account, which you can view for yourself below:


Buds in Black. @chrishemsworth

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This isn't the first time that Thompson has been kind enough to provide fans with a glimpse of the upcoming spinoff. In fact, it was just last month that the ANNIHILATION and DEAR WHITE PEOPLE actress debuted a chuckle-worthy black and white photo of she and Hemsworth goofing around while in the midst of filming the next chapter of the original film series led by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.


?? #MIB @chrishemsworth

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So far, plot details for the new film have remained under wraps, though we have learned that the newest chapter of the sci-fi comedy series will see the MIB organization going global, in an effort to keep the planet safer than it's ever been before. In addition to the star power of Marvel alums Thomspon and Hemsworth, Rebecca Ferguson, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson, Kumail Nanjiani and Rafe Spall have also been added to the ensemble cast.

The UNTITLED MEN IN BLACK SPINOFF is expected to arrive in theaters beginning on June 14, 2019, whereupon all of our burning questions about the bold new direction of the franchise will likely be answered.

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