Thundercats, huh.

THUNDERCATS was one of those spastic rubbish cartoons that kids in the 80s ate up like sugary cereal. And like the result of a Lucky Charms/Boo Berry bender, it's being regurgitated in a colorful mess for today's youth (and creepy fans of Cheetara slashfic) to experience.

With Nostalgia Permit in one hand and rendering software in the other, videogame guy Jerry O'Flaherty will make his directing debut on Warner Bros.' computer-animated feature film about feline heroes. O'Flaherty, an art director who worked on games such as GEARS OF WAR and COMMAND & CONQUER, will bring the CG adventures of Lion-O and his comrades (and that annoying little asshole Snarf) to theaters, thereby helping the environment by recycling garbage.

The garish original series followed the survivors of dying planet Thundera as they established a new life on Third Earth while dealing with cackling sorcerer Mumm-Ra and his anthropomorphic henchmen. Disparaging comments about disposable cartoons aside, the continued popularity -- and profitability -- of all the exhumed 80s matter (TRANSFORMERS, TMNT, GI JOE, VOLTRON, HE-MAN, etc. etc.) is undeniable, so we should probably prepare for the immediate resurgence of SILVERHAWKS, THE MIGHT ORBOTS and BRAVESTARR.
Extra Tidbit: The THUNDERCATS battled several villains with porn-ready names, including Driller, Tug Mug, Red-Eye, Ram Bam and Topspinner. The slashfic practically writes itself.
Source: Variety



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