Tim and Eric ride on a wolf over a rainbow in this first poster for Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie

So yesterday I brought you the shrimtastic teaser for TIM & ERIC'S BILLION DOLLAR MOVIE. Today I bring you the first poster. Isn't it beautiful?

Again, this is something I completely expect from these two. Tim and Eric are making awkward faces while riding a rabid wolf over a floating island with show regulars surrounded by rainbows. What does this all mean? F*ck if I know. It's Tim and Eric. I figure there will be a ton of shouting, maybe some puking, humping, clowns, Hawaiian shirts...I could go on.

"Tim and Eric are given a billion dollars to make a movie, but squander every dime… and the sinister Schlaaang corporation is pissed. Their lives at stake, the guys skip town in search of a way to pay the money back. When they happen upon a chance to rehabilitate a bankrupt mall full of vagrants, bizarre stores and a man-eating wolf that stalks the food court, they see dollar signs—a billion of them."

To check out the poster in hi-res, click and head on over to the Pimpin' Poster Palace.

Source: Twitter



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