Tisdale the Witch

Ashley Tisdale Right now you're probably thinking to yourself, "What's HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL star Ashley Tisdale up to these days?" So glad your asked. Aside from quite clearly maturing into a spicy little future sex tape scandal star and rehab hopper, she's recently signed on to star in TEEN WITCH, a remake of the 1989 fantasy musical of the same name. She'll of course star as the titular tormented high school teen who, when she realizes she's a descendant of Salem witches, uses her newfound powers to get some vengeance and sing some totally rad songs! Tisdale's also getting into the producing game, having recently signed a first look producing deal to develop a show on the Disney Channel based on her life. Bet you're mighty excited about that one, right? This girl's gonna conquer the world! Then she's gonna become an emaciated drunk who gets knocked up by one of her back-up dancers! Awesome!

Extra Tidbit: Tisdale lost out the role of Karen in MEAN GIRLS to Amanda Seyfried.



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