Tom Cruise in a mech suit for All You Need Is Kill. That is all.

While I don't have any new details for you on Doug Liman's ALL YOU NEED IS KILL, I do have a photo of Tom Cruise from the set in a mech suit. Also, he's running from an explosion. Your argument is invalid.

The site that had the photo had no details on the photo either, so you can just sort of create a scene in your own mind. Here, I'll let you read the synopsis from SOURCE CODE ALL YOU NEED IS KILL to gather some ideas:

Cruise plays army officer Lt. Col. Bill Cage, who is killed within minutes of embarking on a suicide mission. But Cage then somehow wakes up alive and well back at the beginning of the same hellish day, trapped in a time loop in which he dies and is forced to fight and die again…and again..

There's a more spoilery synopsis, but you'd get angry at me for posting that because it basically tells you the entire film. If you'd like to read the original source material from Hiroshi Sakurazaka, you have plenty of time. ALL YOU NEED IS KILL is due to release on March 12, 2014.



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