Tom Cruise says there will be no Top Gun 2 with CGI jets

The latest MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE kicks off with Tom Cruise hanging outside of a plane during takeoff. Believe it or not, the 53-year-old actor is actually pretty keen on being on the inside of a plane once again. The possibility of TOP GUN 2 has been thrown around in the past and with ROGUE NATION about to hit theaters, talk has picked up once again.

Last we heard, Justin Marks (THE JUNGLE BOOK) had been working on a screenplay that would deal with how drone warfare has changed the landscape for Maverick . There hasn't been any recent talk of a director who would fill Tony Scott's shoes, but Tom has one stipulation for whoever may take on the coveted duties.

Tom Cruise on TOP GUN 2:

If I can figure it out, if all of us can figure it out, it’d be fun to do, I’d like to fly those jets again, but we got to do all the jets practical, no CGI on the jets. I’m saying right now no CGI on the jets. If we can figure all that out, and the Department of Defense will allow us to do it, that would be fun.

We know he has a penchant for real-time stunts, but it's great to see Cruise push for practicality where CG would be far too easy to utilize. There's a bit of a backlash towards overused computer effects and that looks like it may pay off for films down the road. If you take a look at this summer's highest-rated action pictures, they seem to put practical effects and stunts at the forefront. Speaking of, you can head here to check out our review of Cruise's latest, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION!

They have to bring back composer Harold Faltermeyer for that classic TOP GUN sound!

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