Tom Cruise wants to reunite with Emily Blunt for an Edge of Tomorrow sequel


The story of a military officer who is brought into an alien war with the power to reset the day was a cool concept, and when you threw director Doug Liman (MR. AND MRS. SMITH), writer Christopher McQuarrie (THE USUAL SUSPECTS) and Tom Cruise into the mix, it seemed like a no-brainer. As we all know, the film didn't exactly sweep up at the box office (domestically), but it is widely considered to be one of the best popcorn films in recent memory. An unfortunate story for a film that deserved better, but the story may not be over yet.

With MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE ROGUE NATION hitting theaters this weekend, Tom Cruise has been making the press rounds and as far as future projects go, he shows no signs of slowing down. He recently spoke about doing TOP GUN 2 and if he has his way, a sequel to EDGE OF TOMORROW will be on the agenda as well.

Tom Cruise on a sequel for EDGE OF TOMORROW:

I pitched it to [Christopher] McQuarrie and Doug [Liman]. We were there one night and I was like, 'I’ve got an idea for it. It could be so much fun. Gotta get Emily.' I was like 'Emily, please.' She was like, ’give me another year, please.'

I'll concede that EDGE definitely has its issues, but Cruise knows how to assemble some great filmmakers for an entertaining ride. I'm not sure what he has in mind for a sequel, but if it pushes the envelope as far as the concept and the characters go, I'm there. Also, he's a smart man for knowing that Emily Blunt is key to a sequel. I mean, how many times have we seen THAT shot of her from EDGE? Oh, c'mon, you know the one I'm talking about...

Source: MTV



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