Tom Hardy and Michael Shannon to play brothers in The Long Red Road

Back in February, Tom Hardy took center stage for the play, THE LONG RED ROAD for director Philip Seymour Hoffman. It must have been a good show since it is now being translated to the big screen.

Hardy will reprise his role as Sammy for the film. The story centers on the character who, has fled his past and landed in South Dakota, where he is slowly drinking himself to death. When his young daughter arrives desperate to reunite with her father, he must decide between the self-hatred that consumes him and the responsibilities he’s tried to leave behind."

Michael Shannon will play Sammy's brother, Bob.

Brett C. Leonard, who wrote the play, served as scribe/producer on the HBO series, HUNG.

There's no word yet on whether or not Hoffman will come back on board as director. He's always a busy guy, so we'll have to see if he can secure some time to take on this project. I think it would be great if he did.

Source: Variety



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