Tom Hardy drops some baffling info regarding a secret DC project


Tom Hardy was all lined up to play Rick Flagg in David Ayer's SUICIDE SQUAD and pulled out months before production. The reasoning for this is said to be a scheduling conflict for Alejandro González Iñárritu's THE REVENANT, but it looks like Hardy isn't done with DC just yet. While Hardy has recently expressed some interesting in playing with Marvel's Punisher, there's something over at DC that has REALLY got his attention. The issue? He doesn't even know what it is.

Tom Hardy on a project he's developing with DC and Warner Bros.:

It contains elements of all kinds of stuff. From OCEAN'S ELEVEN, to BATMAN, you can get all the wrappers out and it would be a big, really cool, technicolor PULP FICTION. It's a psychological f*ckfest, it's absolutely awesome. It's as if you would take Transmetropolitan and make it happen, but it's not that out there. It's something which is much more real world. It could be like HEAT, it could be f*cking awesome. It’s not even a movie! It’s real estate, it’s PRIME real estate which is sitting there right under everybody’s nose that no one’s really thought about yet, and it goes TV and movie, it’s awesome. I know they thought of it, but no one has actually blown life into it yet.

Anyone care to fathom a guess? DC has a hell of movie line-up ahead of them, but I'm not sure if Hardy is referring to a TV/Film crossover something else entirely. Perhaps whatever he's planning with Warner Bros. is in the early stages and it hasn't taken shape just yet. In any event, Tom Hardy doesn't look like he's shying away from the high-profile gigs anytime soon, and if the buzz on MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is any indication, we're going to get a hell of a summer fix soon enough!

You can check out Hardy next in MAD MAX: FURY ROAD which hits theaters on May 15th.

Source: Collider



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