Tom Hardy tries to fight a symbiote, design for Venom possibly revealed


Well, it would appear as if Backgrid has sneakily captured a video of Tom Hardy awkwardly wrestling against a symbiote on the set of VENOM. Along with the 30-second clip, Backgrid has included the words, “Eddie Brock fighting himself about going to the doctor.” My guess is that the symbiote doesn't approve of the idea of its new host being the subject of scrutiny while under the watchful eye of Earth's medical elite.

The footage is a bit goofy for sure, with Hardy pantomiming what looks like an old Groucho routine. But hey, have you ever tried acting with materials that aren't really there? I have, and it's tough business, my friends.

You can check out the video for yourself below:

In other news related to the Ruben Fleischer-directed VENOM movie, artist Mikkel Frandsen recently posted a tantalizing photo to his Instagram account of what could possibly be the design for Tom Hardy's Venom. Now, the photo was posted without context, so there's a chance that this could just be a project that Frandsen has been working on in his own spare time. However, there also happens to be an unannounced film project listed on his resume for 2018. Make of that what you will, I'll just be over here hoping that it's all true.

Get yourself an eyeful of Mikkel's Venom deisgn below:

Isn't that sculpt horrifically stunning? While it kind of reminds me of a Licker from the Resident Evil franchise, I'd be more than happy if this was a work-in-progress design for Marvel's hulking anti-hero. Anything would be better than that horror show we all saw in Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN 3, right? Brushing that observation aside, I do hope that we get a Venom design that's as close to the comics as possible. Over the years, Eddie Brock's Venom character has been represented in a multitude of ways, with one look having him appear in elaborate military fatigues. I'm hoping that we receive a more classic, bestial look for Venom, as I think it would allow for some truly spectacular visual effects to be seen in the upcoming film.

VENOM is scheduled for an October, 5, 2018 release.

Source: BackgridInstagram



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