Top Gun to take the highway to the danger zone in 3D with theatrical re-release

If you feel the need for something more than just the need for speed, you might be excited to learn that TOP GUN is being prepped for a 3D re-release in 2012. Four minutes of the newly converted 3D footage was screened for a broadcasting convention in Amsterdam and showed off the famous "Danger Zone" sequence.

Paramount has yet to formally comment on the matter but Legend3D, the company responsible for handling the 3D conversion (who has worked on TRANSFORMERS 3, CONAN and GREEN LANTERN), made the announcements at the International Broadcasting Convention.

According to Rob Hummel, the Legend3D CEO, the plan is for Paramount to re-release TOP GUN in theaters in early 2012. The reason Paramount likely hasn't announced anything is that, as Hummel says, "They want to get [director] Tony Scott's approval before they go forward." (Shouldn't they have gotten Scott's approval before they went forward in the first place?)

TOP GUN is just one of the many library classics being prepped for a 3D re-release, despite a clear audience backlash towards the format this year. TITANIC, STAR WARS and LION KING are all being re-released in 3D in the next few months, now with TOP GUN joining the list.

What do you think of converting old films? Is this any different from the colorization of black and white classics? Is there one old movie you think would look good in the format?

Source: THR



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