Total Recall starts up its own viral campaign

Total Recall Motion Poster slice

Len Wiseman's TOTAL RECALL arrives at your local cinema in less than two months, and so the publicity machine is beginning to step up the movie's presence with new posters via a viral campaign. 

Advertising the in-movie company Rekall, these feature two of the possible fantasies/memories that a prospective customer might have implanted in their mind. 

Total Recall viral poster 1

Total Recall viral poster 2 small

Total Recall viral poster 3 small

While I'm interested enough by the movie itself as a whole, I'm also fairly interested in what fantasies they'll roll out next. This campaign is just subtle enough so as to almost be believable, and I have to say I actually enjoy that aspect of it quite a bit.

You can decide if this reimagining is one worth rememberng on August 3rd.

Extra Tidbit: I imagine that there will be quite a few people who think these are real and navigate to the listed website in sincere hope.
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