Trailer for Joe Manganiello's male stripper doc La Bare

Something for the ladies, perhaps? MAGIC MIKE actor Joe Manganiello is turning the cameras around on the male exotic dancing industry in his new documentary LA BARE. The movie will focus on the history, lives and culture of the most popular male strip club in the world.

Here’s the synopsis:

They’re up all night for good fun, they’re up all night to make a living.” They are the men of LA BARE. A documentary film that goes behind the curtain, behind the stage and behind the magic of the world’s most popular male strip club – La Bare Dallas. Featuring a unique ensemble of the club’s most popular dancers, LA BARE takes a provocative look into their rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and offers a front row seat to their lives, loves, laughs and losses.

Manganiello, who funded the film himself, told Vulture:

"With Magic Mike, we scratched the surface, and with La Bare, I had the opportunity to plumb the depths of this strange and provocative world hidden in plain sight. Shocking, hilarious, and heartfelt, the film explores every level of the profession in three vivid dimensions."

There is definitely a dramatic chord struck in the trailer as it turns its focus on the murder of popular exotic dancer Angelo (a.k.a. real Magic Mike) as we hear friends and colleagues recount his popularity and tragic death. It’s easy to sit back and make jokes about the male side of the profession, but I dare anyone to say shit to Manganiello (waiting below) who clearly has an understanding about what goes on behind the curtain. Could be an interesting watch.

LA BARE hits limited theaters on June 27th 2014.

It's only fair:

Source: Vulture



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