Trailer for Stan Lee documentary With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story

The 88-year old comic pioneer, best known for co-creating a multitude of comic characters from Spider-Man to the X-Men, Stan Lee is undeniably a cultural icon. Even if you don’t read comics or give two shits who invented who, it’s likely you recognize “that old guy” who seems to pop up in just about anything comic book related. Or, you just think he’s Larry King.

The documentary, WITH GREAT POWER: THE STAN LEE STORY, covers Stan-the-Man’s life story, from his depression era upbringing, early days at Timely comics, World War 2 service, battles with censorship, to the revolution of Marvel comics that would change the face of comics forever. Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive trailer, which you can view by clicking HERE

The doc is playing at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, on Jan. 24 and features a bevy of celebrity appearances, including: Samuel L. Jackson, Nicolas Cage, Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Patrick Stewart, Jon Favreau, Frank Miller, Jim Lee, Avi Arad, Kevin Smith, and…Paris Hilton?

How the F*ck Paris Hilton gets in a Stan Lee documentary is beyond me. Is there a sex tape we don’t know about? Go Stan!

If you’re lucky enough to catch a screening let us know what you think. Otherwise, we’ll just kick back and wait for the eventual DVD release later this year.

Extra Tidbit: Stan Lee served as a playwright in the US Army during WWII. There were only 9 people to serve with that distinction.



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