Train, less Terror

I guess that recently announced remake of the 1980 slasher flick TERROR TRAIN isn't much of a remake after all.

In fact, director Gideon Raff tells Shock Till You Drop that despite the setting, his movie (its title now shortened to just TRAIN) has "nothing to do with the original." Raff says it's an original screenplay based on real crimes. "It's about a group of American athletes competing in Eastern Europe and they're supposed to get on a train to continue the competition. And our group of people miss the train 'cause they went partying the night before. They get on a different train to catch up with their teammates and horror ensues."

Sounds like Raff is on track for a locomotive HOSTEL with his ensuing horror. The flick is finishing up shooting, with Thora Birch bringing her impressive bosom and excessive lipstick on board the railroad shocker. The original movie involved a masked slayer serving bloody vengeance during a train costume party, and starred scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, Vanity, Hart Bochner (aka Ellis from DIE HARD) and magician David Copperfield.
Extra Tidbit: Birch has appeared in movies with Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson and... Bruce Payne. Two outta three ain't bad.



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