Trier calls it quits?

Lars Von Trier The often morbid subject matter of most of Danish writer/director Lars Von Trier's films may have finally got the best of him - he's depressed. And not a tabloid whore publicity stunt depression but a full-on clinical depression for which he's had to be hospitalized earlier this year to undergo treatment. So potent is the disorder, in fact, that he's considering quitting the film business all together. He recently told the Politiken newspaper "You can't make a film and be depressed at the same time…they say that it can take a couple of years to recover after a depression. But let us see." He was soon scheduled to start work on the drama ANTICHRIST, which posits Satan, not God, is the Creator, but this controversy courting blasphemous opus may never happen. He relates: "I assume that Antichrist will be my next film. But right now I don't know." The guy may be a phobia-ridden nutjob but he at least produces original, thought-provoking flicks so here's hoping he pulls out of this one.

Extra Tidbit: Steven Spielberg offered him the chance to direct a film in America after he saw EUROPA but Von Trier turned him down.
Source: CBC



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