Twisted goes cyber

Saw III The production company behind the SAW franchise, Twisted Pictures, is getting with the cyber program and are partnering with Break.com to produce a film that will debut on the popular user-generated video site. Titled THE INTERNET KILLER, the film will be shot like any regular feature but will be presented as a series of thirty or so webisodes and, of course, feature interactive elements that'll presumably make the experience more "fun". And while premiering a film online isn't exactly novel, distributing it as a series of webisodes is and it really only makes it more difficult for the filmmakers as they'll be forced to make each segment as exciting as possible to make sure people keep tuning in. Twisted is currently mulling over a script to convert into THE INTERNET KILLER but they expect to have the completed film online by the end of the summer.

Extra Tidbit: Why is it that just because it's debuting online, it has to revolve around an internet killer? Why can't it be a regular killer?
Source: Variety



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