Twitter image teases potential arrival of Power Rangers character

**Potential spoilers for POWER RANGERS below**

Today is the day for die-hard fans of everything 90s to rejoice and have a parade in the streets, for the POWER RANGERS movie is finally here to remind us life used to be cool, and now it sucks. Last week we got word there would indeed be an end credits scene in the movie, with a rumor floating around it could tease the appearance of the Green Ranger, but of course we would have to wait for that to prove true. Well, turns out you don’t have to wait to see the movie at all, because the POWER RANGERS twitter page just answered the question:

Take a look below:

Now, this would seem more ominous had it not been for the end credits story, but it still does have some mystery with it. It's now known that Rita Repulsa's (Elizabeth Banks) was once a Green Ranger before going rouge, so this could just be a hint to seeing her in a flashback. But, if my money were on the line, I'd day what this means is that the sequel will most likely introduce the Mr. Jolly Green, becasue why wouldn't it?  Like Lionsgate is gonna do all this and just go, "Nah, green is just sooooo last season."

Of course, a sequel entirely depends on the box office of this one. I know it seems like a sequel is automatically greenlit, but nothing is certain in this business, as we all know. Right now the movie is tracking for a $30-$40 million opening, which is solid, but the movie has an uphill battle with BEAUTY AND THE BEAST still kicking ass. But, global BO is more valuable than ever, so as long as it can do well everywhere we will probably see a sequel come pretty fast. You could say if this does well we Lionsgate won’t be the only ones seeing green. *crickets* *crickets*

I still am not totally on board for the RANGERS movie. Like Teenage Turtles I wasn’t huge fan of the series when it was at its most popular in the 90s, so I have no attachment to the characters. The movie looks like it could be fun, but Netflix fun, not getting-dressed-and-showering-for-a-theater fun. But fans will probably go bonkers, which is no skin off my back. But am I personally gonna put on pants to go see it? Eh.

POWER RANGERS is in theaters today!

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