Tyrese still in Cage?

Tyrese Gibson. Singer. Rapper. Model. Actor. Producer. Hero for Hire.

Gibson has long been rumored to play Luke Cage, Marvel’s third-stringer from the 'hood, in a live-action flick with frequent collaborator John Singleton attached to direct. While discussing his upcoming role as a combat controller fighting gargantuan shape-changing robots in TRANSFORMERS, the subject of the bulletproof crime puncher came up.

If they get the script right”, says the sinewy performer of his potential involvement in wearing a yellow disco shirt and stomping crooks for cash. “Right now me and John Singleton are on standby waiting on them to get the screenplay right so we can do what we do. ” THE BIG HIT scribe Ben Ramsey cranked out a script awhile back, but apparently it’s still being hammered at.

Hey, if Tyrese can’t fit it into his increasingly busy schedule, might I suggest Terry Crews? I might, and I did.
Extra Tidbit: In recent comic book appearances, Cage became a daddy after he knocked up his regular booty call, private investigator/former superheroine Jessica Jones.
Source: Crave



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