Ubisoft signs hit young British playwright to adapt Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed game banner

For those of you out there doubting that Ubisoft, Michael Fassbender, and New Regency were really going to make ASSASSIN'S CREED happen - the chances of that are slightly less than they were before.

Hollywood is harder to predict than closing your eyes and guessing what's going to happen next on the other side of the world, so even with the news that a screenwriter has been signed to adapt ASSASSIN'S CREED the movie's actual greenlight is still far from a sure thing.  But, for better or for worse, we're one step closer.

Hit young British playwright Michael Lesslie has penned more than a few short films beyond his most recent work PRINCE OF DENMARK, a prequel to HAMLET that saw life through London's prestigious National Theatre in 2012, but no matter the critical claim and experience his career may have played host to I can't say I envy his task one bit.  Transforming the complex story of the first game in the popular series will be hard enough without even taking into account all of the pre-planning needed for what we can only presume to be a three film arc (at the very least). 

It should be some months before we hear anything more about ASSASSIN'S CREED, but in the meantime, who would you want to see direct Fassbender in this project?

Kristen Bell kiss

Kristen Bell voices a critical character in the video games.  Think we'll see her reprise her role onscreen?

Extra Tidbit: My non-traditional choice - Mark Romanek (ONE HOUR PHOTO, NEVER LET ME GO). He's already circling historical intrigue with an adaptation of Dan Brown's THE LOST SYMBOL. He was ready to take on action with THE WOLFMAN until he dropped away from that project over creative differences. And ASSASSIN'S CREED would give him the chance to integrate the two along with his strong visual sense.



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