Unmade Justice League script unearthed - and it's not the George Miller one

So, after all the hype and drama behind the making and release of the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, it kinda came and went. It was savaged by critics, and received mixed-to-negative reviews from fans, as well as being a legitimate flop at the box-office. Which is a shame, because I actually didn't mind the film (though it was certainly flawed). However, this wasn't the first JUSTICE LEAGUE film proposed by Warner Bros. The first one was JUSTICE LEAGUE: MORTAL, to be directed by George Miller. However, when that one fell apart, WB tried again as Nolan's Batman trilogy was winding down, and in 2011 GANGSTER SQUAD screenwriter Will Beall sent in his draft.

And boy is it a doozy.

The script was reviewed by The Wrap, and they mention some bonkers things like a roster that includes at least ten heroes and fifteen villains, the death of the entire Green Lantern Corps by Darkseid, evil Superman, and a time-travel plot that involves old-bearded Batman and Wonder Woman having a child named "Clark Wayne". It doesn't sound bad, and maybe even fun, but it also does sound overstuffed and convoluted.

However, probably couldn't be much worse than what we got. 

Meanwhile, JUSTICE LEAGUE is still playing in select theaters that haven't already axed it from their schedule.

Extra Tidbit: I'm just glad Henry Cavill got to ACTUALLY be Superman for once. Definite highlight of the film.
Source: The Wrap



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