UPDATE Twice more ID4?

Big Willie Stogie

UPDATE: Following Emmerich's interview with MTV, the folks from IESB looked up their sources at Fox who say they have currently no plan whatsoever for developping an ID4 sequel. They'd probably rather run the X-MEN franchise to the ground...


Who here wants to see more aliens shooting green sh*t at Will Smith? Yeah, it's been talked about for years, but Rolly Emmerich says there's an idea in for a new movie in place. Well, not really. There's actually an idea for TWO movies. And a title. But that one's too good so I'll save it for the end.

Talking to the folks of MTV on the verge 2012's release, the director and Earth destroyer says he does intend to come up with an ID4 sequel and that the idea would have simply Big Willie fight a second wave of the invasion.

"What we want to do in the next – it's actually two movies – we want to do a bigger arc," he explained. "The idea is just to continue the story and actually I don't know how many years ago this was—twelve, thirteen, fourteen years ago—and just continue where it ended."

Will Smith looks more like he's going for Oscar Gold than Box-Office glory these days, so I wonder if he'll go back to his first big movie hit. And Jeff Goldblum isn't getting any younger. Vivica A. Fox is still hot though...

Thanks to the CineFools bunch for the heads-up. Oh - that title! Ready for this? In Emmerich's own word, "'ID4-Ever,' Part I and II maybe?" You guys think he was just kidding?

Extra Tidbit: I wonder how President Bill Pullman would do with that line. "Today we celebrate our Independence Day. 4 Ever. And Again." Yeah, that'll be a killer line.
Source: MTV



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