Villains shine as Brainiac, Darkseid, and Joker show off in Injustice 2

I've been looking forward to the new INJUSTICE game for a while now. I love MORTAL KOMBAT (as the team behind it are behind the INJUSTICE series as well) and the first INJUSTICE was a hoot to play. I'm also digging the new story, especially the idea that Superman might be getting a redemptive arc (so the games don't stay grimdark the entire time).

But speaking of grimdark, we're now getting some gameplay footage of some of the biggest baddies in the game, to see what they're capable of!

So first up is BRAINIAC, who looks like he's shaping up to be the main baddie in this game. Let's see how he plays:

He actually looks pretty fun to use, though those tentacles remind me a lot of Doc Ock (even though I'm aware Brainiac has had those for a while in the comics and cartoons). At least he's not pantsless anymore.

Next up is the man himself, DARKSEID!

Honestly, I love his fighting stance - with his hands behind his back like you're not even worth his time. It's a cool way to get his character across through movement alone. He also looks pretty cool to boot.

And finally, THE JOKER!

Um, gross. They seem to be basing The Joker design partly after the SUICIDE SQUAD incarnation (leather jacket, shirtless, stupid shit written on his abs) and that's...unfortunate. Especially after the more classic design in the original INJUSTICE and DC VS. MORTAL KOMBAT (with neither feeling the need to ape Ledger's version). Also that banter was atrocious, even by INJUSTICE standards.

Otherwise, the game still looks fun. And luckily there are downloadable skins, so this can (hopefully) just be a temporary problem.

Meanwhile, INJUSTICE 2 will arrive to consoles May 16th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Imagine Ambush Bug coming to the INJUSTICE GAMES! Honestly, I wouldn't put it past them to do it (and that would be glorious!)
Source: YouTube



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