Vin Diesel is Kinda Crazy (video)

It is almost as if this man was born to be an action star. He is fast, he is furious, he is Vin Diesel. Deep inside Vin Diesel's shinning bald head is nothing but crazy, but a little bit of crazy is all some people need to succeed in life. This young breakdancer got his start in the independent film circuit and made waves at all the major film festivals around the world. The man quickly grew to become a very dedicated and serious method actor. Mr. Diesel will transform his body to fit the character, not matter what it takes. Sometimes he bulks up with muscle and sometimes he packs on pounds of fat. Vin has also left his mark on the world of animation with his groundbreaking voice work in THE IRON GIANT and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Diesel isn't just an action hero either. He has worked with cinema legends like Steven Spielberg, Ang Lee and Sidney Lumet. Diesel is also a huge dork and loves him some D&D action. Every generation tries to find their own action superstar and we looked for it in Vin Diesel but he has since become so much more. Vin is a pop culture powerhouse and he has his buff little finger wrapped around the industry. I mean...come on... the guy brought new life back into the MCU with just three words and is releasing the 8th installment in a silly little blockbuster car chase series. Now that is crazy.   Check out the video below and let us know who you think is KINDA CRAZY!  

Source: JoBlo.com



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