Vin Diesel producing and starring in web series about bar bouncers

Vin Diesel pretty much looks like a bouncer. This is perhaps due to the fact that he was a bouncer for over nine years in Los Angeles. Staying true to his roots, Diesel has teamed with Fox Digital to produce an original web series about the lives of bouncers. In addition to producing the series, Diesel has written the first episode and will make appearances throughout its run.

The series will consist of 18 seven-minute episodes shot with a low-budget and lesser-known actors to give it an authentic feel.

So why is Diesel developing material for the web and not for movies or TV? Diesel and his reps were looking to take advantage of the 20 million plus followers of the actor's popular Facebook page. Universal recently premiered the first trailer for FAST FIVE on Diesel's Facebook page giving the site and his fan base some credibility. It's unclear whether the series will actually air on the Facebook page or on a new Fox Digital owned site.

Diesel has FAST FIVE set for theaters this April and is currently working on the third RIDDICK film and another XXX film (that is, a Xander Cage film, not a porno movie).

Source: Variety



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