Vincent D'Onofrio reveals motivation with new image of Daredevil's Kingpin


Marvel's Daredevil TV show is nearly a month away from premiering on Netflix, and now that we have a poster and trailer (check it out below) to help set the tone, a new image of Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin has dropped. This imposing figure behind organized crime wants to save Hell’s Kitchen, no matter the cost. As you can imagine, this puts him at odds with Matt Murdock’s (Charlie Cox) vigilante alter-ego, Daredevil, who also seeks to protect the city but sees the criminal element as the root of the city’s problems. Interestingly enough, Fisk truly believes he’s doing good for Hell’s Kitchen and at times may seem more of a hero to its people than Daredevil. Intelligent, complex and physically imposing, this mountain of a man will prove to be the perfect foil for Matt Murdock, and we can expect the two will collide dramatically in Marvel’s Daredevil. Check out the latest image below!


Vincent D'Onofrio had this to say about the character:

I just brought in this kind of character who in one sentence could easily go from being a child to a monster, depending on where his emotions take him. I wanted him to have an appearance of being super-powerful so that when he throws a punch, it's a major punch. There's a lot of weight behind it.

I think we're all being cautiously optimistic about Marvel's latest and it's not hard to see why. The show looks grounded, gritty, and true to the characters. Something tells me that a lot of us will be tuning in to see what Marvel and Co. have planned for us when Daredevil's entire 13-episode season hits Netflix on April 10, 2015.

Source: USA TodayNetflix



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