Warhammer 40K movie

Warhammer book art

I remember watching my fellow geeks play Warhammer 40K years ago and thinking it would make for a kick-ass sci-fi/action film, and that I should play it too. I never did, but the movie is finally about to happen.

Rookie director Martyn Pick has been given directorial duties for ULTRAMARINES, based on the table-top game and many subsequent books and whatnots. Screenplay is already being banged out by Dan Abnett, known in the industry for his work with Marvel and DC as well as having written a number of 40K books already, so the dude knows that stuff.

The original 40K table-top game had super-charged Space Marines and the Human Imperial Guard try to save mankind of the 41st Millennium against hordes of alien forces. The film, planned to be live-action mixed with boatloads of CG, is brought forth by Codex Pictures whom I'm pretty sure I almost never entirely heard of. No matter, just the idea of such a movie rocks. Right?

Thanks to the Quiet Earth bunch for the heads-up.

Extra Tidbit: It'll probably give us an idea of what STARSHIP TROOPERS would've looked like if it had featured the book's power suits.
Source: Quiet Earth



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