Warner Bros. is already ramping up plans for Suicide Squad 2

I hope you really dig SUICIDE SQUAD later this year, but not as much as Warner Bros. does. In fact, they're absolutely counting on you falling in love with the film I hear they are incredibly high on and demanding more as soon as humanly possible as word begins to spread that they're already planning to ramp up a sequel very quickly.

Will Smith and David Ayer yesterday agreed to team up to make the Max Landis spec script BRIGHT, but lost in the news of that development was the uncertain timeline on when it'd go into production because of SUICIDE SQUAD 2 looming over everything. The goal is to get BRIGHT in front of cameras before the end of the year, because Warner Bros. has already earmarked 2017 for a SUICIDE SQUAD sequel shoot, provided audiences respond to it in August of course. If not, BRIGHT might have to wait, given how major a priority the DC Cinematic Universe is for Warner Bros. and the involvement of Will Smith and David Ayer in continuing this theard onward.

Some might look at this as a huge sign of confidence by Warners for what they have on their hands, but let's not get ahead of ourselves yet. While the trailers for SUICIDE SQUAD have looked impressive, sequels of this nature have also been in the works ahead of release for the likes of GREEN LANTERN and FANTASTIC FOUR in the past... and remember how those turned out?

I'm just saying... Wait and see...

SUICIDE SQUAD opens on August 5.

Source: Variety



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