Watchman extra

Well, a while back we brought you the news that Warner Bros had stumped up the spondoolies for Zack Snyder to go ahead and shoot a sweet little extra for WATCHMEN, the segment entitled TALES OF THE BLACK FREIGHTER. Well today CHUD has a couple of updates on the whole deal. First up, apparently this extra segment might be filmed in animation, and might be released not as a DVD extra with WATCHMEN, but as a stand alone, available the same time that the movie is in cinemas.

Second up, another extra is being filmed, this time an interview with the original Golden Age crime-fighter, Nite Owl (not Patrick Wilson's character; his predecessor), discussing his career and his team, The Minutemen. The interview was based on a book that the Owl had written, and was one of the many pieces of back story that Alan Moore created to craft a rich world for the graphic novel. So apparently, 'Under The Hood' - the title of the memoir - will be filmed, 60s style and will run for an hour. Presumably this will be for the DVD release, which to be frank, looks like it is going to be action packed with good shit.
Extra Tidbit: Gerard Butler has been rumored to play the lead in TALES OF THE BLACK FREIGHTER.
Source: CHUD



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