WB chief Toby Emmerich says they've "turned a corner" with DC Movies

Ever since Toby Emmerich took over as chairman of Warner Bros. Pictures Group, the studio has seemingly restored their former power. Although temporarily plagued with misfires like 2015's JUPITER ASCENDING and PAN, the company appears to be back on track under Emmerich and his team's leadership, coming into 2018 strong with such solid entries as CRAZY RICH ASIANS ($238.2 million), A STAR IS BORN ($398.4 million), and the mega blockbuster AQUAMAN, which is predicted to be the first Warners tentpole to cross the $1 billion mark at the global box office in six years. 

Toby Emmerich has been doing so well, in fact, that last night at the Producer's Guild Awards ceremony, he was presented with the Milestone Award in honor of his accomplishments. Prior to the big night, Emmerich spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about how Warner Bros. has "turned a corner" with DC movies now, and why he believes the future will only bring the company more success. 

When asked what the success of AQUAMAN meant for the DC Universe, Emmerich had this to say:

"We all feel like we've turned a corner now. We're playing by the DC playbook, which is very different than the Marvel playbook. We are far less focused on a shared universe. We take it one movie at a time. Each movie is its own equation and own creative entity. If you had to say one thing about us, it's that it always has to be about the directors."

Pretty smart, if you ask me. It sounds like Emmerich is finally understanding the key to making a great DC movie again -- make it less about the shared universe and more about the individual filmmaker behind the camera. Put the proper time and trust into your directors and focus on creating a solid movie, film by film, one at a time. From what was learned in this interview, it's pretty clear that there's plenty more where AQUAMAN came from, and it will be exciting to see what else WB chief Emmerich has left up his sleeve.



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