Carl Weathers gets golf tournament named in his honor

Carl Weathers, who played “Chubbs” Peterson in Happy Gilmore, will have an annual golf tournament named after him.

Carl Weathers golf

When golfers make it to the green at the Directors Guild Foundation’s tournament later this month, all they have to remember is the words of the late Chubbs: “Just tap it in.” That will no doubt be a mantra that entire day, as the DGF has named their annual golf tournament fundraiser after the late Carl Weathers, a fitting tribute to the actor who passed away in February.

The honor is no doubt an earned one, as Carl Weathers not only served as a key member of the DGF but played a rather beloved character in one of the quintessential golf movies. We all remember that Chubbs was poised to be the next Arnold Palmer, but his pro career was cut short when an alligator bit his hand off after he tried retrieving his ball from a lake. The alligator may have gotten Chubbs’ hand but he got that bastard’s eye in the fight. Chubbs would then go on to mentor Happy Gilmore in his quest to save his grandmother’s home.

In a statement, DGF director and chairman Todd Holland stated, “Carl Weathers was the embodiment of dedication to the Directors Guild and the Foundation. For over two decades, he devoted himself to serving the DGA, including as an officer of the Foundation since 2012. Relishing the opportunity to give back, connect with peers, and enjoy quality time with friends and colleagues on the green, Carl Weathers eagerly anticipated the Directors Guild Foundation’s annual golf tournament, as both a participant and MC of the Tournament reception.” He added, “His unwavering commitment to the DGF’s vital mission and to supporting events like the Golf Tournament was truly inspiring. Carl’s passion and support have left an indelible mark that will be remembered for years to come. By renaming our annual Golf Tournament to honor him, we celebrate the invaluable contributions of this remarkable man that has enriched our community. Carl’s enduring legacy will forever be woven into the fabric of the DGF’s endeavors.”

Sadly, Chubbs won’t have such a prominent role in the upcoming Happy Gilmore 2, but no doubt Adam Sandler will pay tribute to the character, who remains such a pivotal one in not only the success of the short-tempered Happy, but the movie’s own legacy.

The Directors Guild Foundation Carl Weathers Memorial Golf Tournament will take place on June 24th.

Source: Deadline

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