Weekend Box-Office: July 23-25, 2010


Inception continues to roll on and on..

SALT was the only really big movie opening this past weekend and despite a pretty good showing of $37M (far from Angelina Jolie's best opening, incidentally -- she's had 5 movies that have opened with more money than that in the past), it couldn't beat the gravy-train that is becoming INCEPTION, as Christopher Nolan's latest has now grossed close to $145M after only 10 days of release. Despite many people going in for "repeat viewings", I'm not sure if it will be able to beat Nolan's previous hit, THE DARK KNIGHT, which ended up with $533M back in 2008. Only time will tell, but for now, it's doing pretty well (understatement of the year?).

It was also nice to see the top 3 movies come from original ideas again this weekend, with DESPICABLE ME also continuing to bring in the big bucks in 3rd place, while losing only 25% of its audience from last weekend, and closing in on the $200M mark pretty fast. The biggest drop-off of the weekend was PREDATORS once again, losing 60% of its audience from last week, and just barely hanging on in 10th place, with about $46M so far.

TOY STORY 3 continued its jolly way, adding another $9M to its astounding total of $380M, which now ranks the film as the 13th highest-grossing movie of all-time! If it continues to bring in some decent dollars in the next few weeks, it can easily slip into the top 10, with the original SPIDER-MAN movie sitting in 9th place with about $403M. If it can make another $60M before its run in theaters ends, it would become the 5th highest grossing movie of all-time. Wowza.

Overall, box-office revenues are at around $3 billion this summer, which is about 3% ahead of last summer's record pace, but if you take away the ticket price increases, the actual attendance is down about 3%. In the meantime, films like GROWN UPS and ECLIPSE keep bringing in the dollars, while the mostly-panned THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE managed to drop only one spot into 4th place from last weekend, while THE LAST AIRBENDER should be out of the top 10 by next week, as it hovers around the $125M mark.

The two films to get bounced from the top 10 this week include one of the biggest hits/surprises of the summer, THE KARATE KID ($171M) and one of the bigger disappointments of the summer -- at least in terms of box-office -- KNIGHT & DAY ($73M). It's to note that KID apparently only cost $40M to make, while DAY cost around three times that amount.

Next weekend sees the release of three not-so-major movies including Paul Rudd & Steve Carell in their third feature together entitled DINNER WITH SCHMUCKS, the sequel (aka "cash-grab") to the latest kid's movie hit called CATS & DOGS: THE REVENGE OF KITTY GALORE and that Disney kid starring in something called CHARLIE ST. CLOUD. In other words, unless SCHMUCKS turns into a major hit, it's possible that INCEPTION remain the #1 movie in the country for 3 weeks in a row. Let's see. In the meantime, what's your take on DINNER WITH SCHMUCKS? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Inception $ 43.5 Million $ 143.7 Million
2. Salt $ 36.5 Million
3. Despicable Me $ 24.1 Million $ 161.7 Million
4. The Sorcerer's... $ 9.7 Million $ 42.6 Million
5. Toy Story 3 $ 9 Million $ 379.5 Million
6. Ramona and Beezus $ 8 Million
7. Grown Ups $ 7.6 Million $ 142.4 Million
8. Eclipse $ 7 Million $ 279.7 Million
9. The Last Airbender $ 4.2 Million $ 123.3 Million
10. Predators $ 2.9 Million $ 46.6 Million




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