Weekend Box-Office: June 24-26, 2011

Cars 2 keeps the Pixar streak alive...

Despite CARS 2 scoring a thoroughly unimpressive 33% positive rating over on Rotten Tomatoes by film critics from around the world, it seems as though audiences didn't care too much as they turned the film into the 12th Pixar movie in a row -- since 1995's TOY STORY -- to open in 1st place. The film's opening of $68M also seemed to slip right into the typical Pixar opening pattern (see chart below), but most previous films had received plenty of great "word of mouth" so we're going to have to wait and see if this one follows in those same footsteps.

Jim Law and I discussed this film in our "Summer Preview" podcast a few weeks ago, and even then, we agreed that CARS 2 appeared to be the first Pixar film that seemed more of a "cash grab" than genuine storytelling wanting to be told. Here's where the CARS 2 opening weekend stacks up against previous Pixar film openings, along with their domestic totals...

1. TOY STORY 3: $110M (total: $415M)
2. THE INCREDIBLES: $70M (total: $261M)
3. FINDING NEMO: $70M (total: $339M)
4. UP: $68M (total: $293M)
5. CARS 2: $68M
6. WALL-E: $63M (total: $223M)
7. MONSTERS INC: $62M (total: $255M)
8. CARS: $60M (total: $244M)
9. TOY STORY 2: $57M (total: $245M)
10. RATATOUILLE: $47M (total: $206M)
11. A BUG'S LIFE: $33M (total: $162M)
12: TOY STORY: $29M (total: 191M)

In the meantime, last weekend's #1 movie, GREEN LANTERN, dropped like a rock out of the sky, losing 65% of its audience from the same period last week. The film has now generated $89M in its first 10 days of release, but may not break the $125M mark at this pace. The films which lost the least amount of audience members since last weekend, continued to be the same ones including BRIDESMAIDS which is now up to a staggering $146M and Woody Allen's MIDNIGHT IN PARIS which at $29M is officially Allen's highest-grossing movie since 1986's HANNAH AND HER SISTERS ($40M). Way to go, Woody!

The two films to get booted from the top 10 in order to make room for the two new entries included KUNG FU PANDA 2 ($153M), which was a lot less than its predecessor which had generated $215M back in 2008, and something called JUDY MOODY AND THE NOT BUMMER SUMMER ($13M).

Next week sees the release of one of the most anticipated summer movies in TRANSFORMERS 3: DARK OF THE MOON (I always feel like saying DARK SIDE OF THE MOON) which has apparently been generating some surprisingly positive buzz so far?? BTW, maybe I haven't been paying as close attention as I should to this film, but I didn't realize that John f*ckin' Malkovich is in this one! Frances McDormand as well!! That said, are you looking forward to seeing this movie or not really? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Cars 2 $68 M
2. Bad Teacher $31 M
3. Green Lantern $18.4 M $89.3 M
4. Super 8 $12.1 M $95.2 M
5. Mr. Popper's Penguins $10.3 M $39.4 M
6. X-Men: First Class $6.6 M $132.8 M
7. The Hangover, Part II $5.9 M $243.9 M
8. Bridesmaids $5.4 M $146.7 M
9. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides $4.7 M $229.1 M
10. Midnight in Paris $4.5 M $28.6 M




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