Wesley Snipes signs on to NBC drama Endgame


Aside from THE EXPENDABLES 3, Wesley Snipes hasn't made much of an entertainment comeback, but that all might change with NBC's newest pilot, Endgame. Snipes has signed on to co-star alongside Philip Winchester (Strike Back) and Damon Gupton (WHIPLASH). The pilot is being described a "high-octane thriller set in the high-stakes world of Las Vegas." The story will follow Alex (Winchester), a security expert who finds himself drawn into a mysterious game in which he finds himself completing tasks of heroism in order to save lives. Wesley Snipes will play a mysterious Johnson (tee hee hee), the overseer for this game who pulls the strings to keep control, while Gupton will play a detective and Alex's friend.

I'm pretty iffy on the plot, but anything to bring Wesley Snipes back into the spotlight works for me. The man was an action icon and turned out to be one of the most perfect casting choices for a comic book character in regards to BLADE. If this pilot goes to series and somehow gets the ball rolling on more projects for Snipes, then I'm all for it. If it falters, then I just hope it doesn't prove to be endgame for Snipes. Yeah, I said it.

Source: Deadline



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