Westworld season 2 trailer set to kick off during Super Bowl 2018

This Sunday, when people from all across the globe-tune in to watch the Philadelphia Eagles battle the New England Patriots for during Super Bowl LII, they'll have the chance to check out a brand-new trailer for HBO's WESTWORLD season 2. Said to be directed by series co-creator Jonathan Nolan, the new trailer will feature both footage from the upcoming season as well as the 2016 original.

It's a given that WESTWORLD has already proven itself to be a success for HBO, though the show stands to soar to new heights by airing its sophomore season during a year when GAME OF THRONES' absense will most definitely be felt by fans of fantasy-related entertainment.

Additionally, Entertainment Weekly has recently received an exclusive photo from the trailer, which depicts an inquisitive-looking Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) along with what looks like an unfinished Westworld host, mishapen and looming behind him. 

If you've yet to check out WESTWORLD, I highly recommend it. The events of the show take place in a Wild West theme park where guests live out their fantasies with uncannily lifelike "hosts" (artificial intelligence). Not long into the season, something goes terribly wrong, and the A.I. of Westworld starts to fight back against their human oppressors.

The series which stars Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris, James Marsden and Jimmi Simpson is expected to return this April.



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