What does Amy Pascal's exit mean for Sony's Spider-Man plans?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

It took longer than many expected, but yesterday it was announced Amy Pascal has stepped down from her co-chairman position at Sony. Several embarrassing e-mails from Pascal were leaked during last year's cyber attack on the studio, and although she apologized for them, she has decided to resign her post at Sony.

Variety has a very interesting piece on the future of several of Sony's movie franchises and planned films, including Spider-Man, although Pascal will still receive a producer credit on any future Spidey flicks. The leaked e-mails from the hacking scandal revealed there were talks of Spider-Man appearing in Marvel Studio's CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, and in the site's report (which seems to be based on speculation and insider knowledge), they claim Sony may take another look at those possible plans.

The biggest decision for Lynton and Pascal’s successor will be how to handle the Spider-Man franchise. “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ did respectable business last summer but was hardly the $1 billion blockbuster that Pascal had told folks that she needed it to be.

Spider-Man remains a cash cow, but the plans for expanding the Spidey universe through villain spinoffs and the next installment may be re-examined — since Pascal played the leading role pursuing that path. A new regime may take a stronger look at returning to the negotiation table with Marvel Studios over Spidey’s rights.

21 Jump Street Men in Black

As for other franchises, Variety had this to say about future 21 JUMP STREET, GHOSTBUSTERS and MEN IN BLACK movies.

“Ghostbusters” and “21 Jump Street” seem safe, but the “Men in Black” series may either be reconsidered or completely abandoned, especially following the much-derided leaked email that suggested creating a spinoff that would combine the “Jump Street” movies with “Men in Black.” Additionally, “Men in Black 3″ was so costly and so panned by critics that the new regime may take a pass on this series altogether.

The site goes on to say they doubt there's going to be a SALT 2 or a sequel to David Fincher's THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, and they also believe there's a good chance Sony's CLEOPATRA project will end up moving to a different studio.

What do you think Sony should do with Spider-Man, and what are your thoughts on Variety's report on the status of the studio?

Source: Variety



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