"What Should You See This Summer?" Flowchart is hilarious and bitingly true

We're well into THE HEAT of the summer movie season, inundated with a slew of KICK-ASS pics that have flooded cinemas like a wave of WORLD WAR Z zombies from the Atlantic coast to the PACIFIC RIM. But, if you think THIS IS THE END, then you ain't seen nothin' yet, as the hits are coming FAST AND FURIOUS with enough force to bring about THE WORLD'S END. So far, we've been blasted into OBLIVION like the MAN OF STEEL with enough force to bring the WHITE HOUSE DOWN, but there's still enough left to make THE WOLVERINE pur in anticipation, leaving you with one hell of a HANGOVER.

All right, all right, enough. I just wanted to give a fun introduction into College Humor's magnificent little flowchart for the summer movie season that will certainly get a laugh or two and a nod of truth as you navigate the routes to your individual taste. The results are hilarious and accurate to a high degree. So, settle in and take a look.

Source: College Humor



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