What will you be watching this weekend? (July 27)


Finally! The work week is over and you’ll have some free time to relax, crack a cold one, pop that corn and nuke some ‘chos all in the noble pursuit of cinematic entertainment! Every Friday, we'd like to hear what everyone will be watching over the weekend, whether it be on TV, DVD and Blu-ray or in theaters.

So what's on your movie agenda this weekend? Here's what I'm thinking about watching...


The WatchUnless you count a potential revisit to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES there is only one movie on my radar this weekend and thats the extraterrestrial infused comedy THE WATCH. Besides laughing everytime I see that scene in the trailer involving a cow this Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn and Richard Ayoade flick just seems like a refreshing fun time at the theater. I'm extremely excited to see Ayoade make his big screen debut as I've found him hilarious on the British sitcom THE IT CROWD and loved last year's SUBMARINE, his film as a director.

The only other new release hitting theaters this weekend is STEP UP: REVOLUTION which must be the 23rd entry in the STEP UP franchise by now. Honestly, I'd rather just check out this week's Awfully Good flick, BREAKIN' 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO, if I really find myself jonesing for some dancing and it would be far more entertaining.

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XXX OLYMPICSLet the games begin!

The 2012 OLYMPIC OPENING CEREMONY for the London Summer Games kick off on the East Coast later today at 4pm (9pm London time for you Brits) and CBS will rebroadcast it again at 7:30pm for all of us that are at work. The opening is directed by none other than Danny Boyle (SUNSHINE, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE) and is said to be based on the Shakespeare play "The Tempest" and will involve over 10,000 volunteers to pull off the spectacle. British celebrities due to make an appearance include Daniel Craig on a real mission for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth to launch the games in true 007 fashion (rumor has it he's entering the stadium on a rope ladder via helicopter with the James Bond Theme blaring over the speakers!) and Paul McCartney among others. 

Over the next few weeks you can get the best up to date Olympic news via the official site right over here.

I have a feeling once the Olympics get in to full swing it will pretty much monopolize my TV schedule but for now my Sunday's will still be splitting time between AMC's final season of BREAKING BAD and HBO's THE NEWSROOM. For my time these are two of the best shows on right now and I love how as one is coming to an end the other is just getting started.


Star Trek: TNG BDOn home releases this week I think the solid winner is that the first season of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION is finally on Blu-ray! Before anyone tells you this is an unneccessary upgrade you should know that much like the Blu-ray release of the original series a couple years back you can watch TNG with upgraded special effects and it has been fully restored for hi-def TVs. I don't know about you but I grew up watching Picard and crew and this news excites me to no end.

I'm also interested in checking out the thriller SILENT HOUSE starring Elizabeth Olsen which just hit DVD and Blu-ray shelves this week. After seeing her amazing performance in MARTHA MACY MAY MARLENE she's definitely an actress to keep an eye out for in the future.

Also out this week is FOOTNOTE, an Academy Award nominated foriegn film out of Israel about two professors studying the Talmud that bitterly compete for academic glory. The kicker? They just happen to be father and son.

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Extra Tidbit: Olympic Drinking Game: Every time "London Calling" by The Clash is heard on the TV take a shot ... alcohol poisoning may ensue.
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