Where's Bin Laden?

When SUPER SIZE ME came out, Morgan Spurlock flipped onto the scene and challenged Michael Moore as the biggest personality in documentary film. They’re the only two doc filmmakers who put their own photos on the posters for their films. You can bet the posters for Spurlock’s new film WHERE IN THE WORLD IS OSAMA BIN LADEN? will have the filmmaker smiling with his arm around the terrorist Grand Master. And according to the latest buzz, it might not even be photoshopped!

/Film has posted the first photo released for the film (click to ENLARGE), but more importantly, they address speculation that Spurlock may have actually done the (inexplicably) impossible and found the Dragon King himself. The Weinsteins nabbed the film after seeing just 15 minutes at the Berlin Film Festival, where everyone was forced to sign nondisclosure agreements. The film is one month away from premiering at the Sundance Film Festival and the chatter is rising that Spurlock may have uncovered what the film’s cinematographer Daniel Marricone refers to as “the holy grail.” Maybe he’s being literal, and in his search for the Dark Lord, Spurlock actually found the Holy Grail instead. Wouldn’t that be something? But really, do you think Morgan Spurlock was able to singlehandedly find the most wanted man and best hide-and-seek player in the world? Not even a billion dollar bounty and all the bunker busters your money could buy were able to. What makes you think Morgan Spurlock did and lived to tell the tale, too?
Extra Tidbit: I once threw a party in my pants and Osama Bin Laden was invited but he never RSVP'd.
Source: /Film



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