Which former president does Sylvester Stallone want for Expendables 3?

The casting for any EXPENDABLES film could be endless. From the beginning, we've heard about every action star's name being thrown out for a role. If anyone knows how to get 'em it's definitely Sylvester Stallone. But what if the casting was a little more out of the box? Say like, one of the former presidents? Yeah.

When MTV caught up with Stallone on the red carpet for BULLET TO THE HEAD, they talked who he may or may not be getting for the third installment. His answer was a little surprising: "Maybe President Clinton wants to be in it. You think I'm joking, right?"

No sir, we don't. How crazy is that? He didn't say anything about him talking up a weapon, but if it did come to fruition the 42nd President of the United State would likely have a cameo.

After that whopper, Stallone did mention that there could be some new faces, even if he had to go to fictional extremes, "There's going to be a lot of new blood in that. I just have to kill off some of the others guys to make some room."

We know that Jackie Chan is definitely interested, but has he talked to any other potential actors for the series? Like Wesley Snipes, and Nicolas Cage? "We're going to reach out to all of them for sure."

Video below if you feel like dealing with MTV.

Source: MTV



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