Whip It clips

Gear up and get ready because I've got some new clips from WHIP IT for you.

Okay, so there's really no need to "gear up" per say because the clips aren't that hard hitting. Actually they are quite boring. What I did enjoy was seeing Alia Shawkat playing Ellen Page's best friend, being intimidated by Juliette Lewis, the return of Daniel Stern, and Kristen Wiig. Each clip just seemed so blah and boring. When I saw the trailer I was hoping for something fun but it just seems to fall flat.

It's possible that they just chose the least exciting parts of the movie, even though the food fight clip is supposed to be exciting. Regardless of these feelings that I've just acquired, I will still see Ellen Page play Ellen Page with big glasses. Tell me what you guys think. Also, check out Page and Drew Barrymore getting in on each others action brought to you by Cherry Liquor.

Check the rest in our videos section.

Extra Tidbit: While watching the stalker clip, I said, "Is that Landon Pigg?" Indeed it is. Pigg sings the song "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop" that plays during the DeBeers commercial. Everytime I hear it, I melt into a puddle of romance. I can't help it.
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