Who is Colin Trevorrow? Another potential director for Star Wars: Episode VII

While we have all been throwing around names like Matthew Vaughn, Kevin Smith, Alfonso Cuaron, and Darren Aronofsky as potential directors for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, we have all forgotten one key factor: George Lucas. Yes, Lucas is not going to have a directing or writing credit on the next STAR WARS films, but do you honestly think he is going to step away and keep his mouth shut? As much as he claims he is out, he is going to be a consultant permanently.

With that in mind, CeleBuzz has shared another potential name for the directing duties on STAR WARS: EPISODE VII. That name is Colin Trevorrow.

Trevorrow directed the indie movie SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED about a man who claims he has traveled back in time. That movie garnered a lot of positive buzz, including a good review here on JoBlo.com. One of the fans of the movie was George Lucas.

Lucas apparently met with Trevorrow to discuss "the project". Now, could this mean they discussed SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED, but CeleBuzz claims to have confirmed Trevorrow is on the shortlist to direct EPISODE VII.

Lucas is an indie filmmaker at heart and giving an up and comer like Trevorrow the chance of a lifetime could be possible, but that hinges on whether the final decision will be made by Lucas, Kathleen Kennedy, or Disney executives.

Source: CeleBuzz



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